Our impact

Why our interactive theatre is making a difference for sick children

  • We make sick children roar with laughter.
    This laughter gives strength to continue intensive treatments. “After all, theatre is a medicine that no doctor can prescribe.”

  • Our theatre is a means for children to develop themselves.  
    They are given space to let their imaginations speak. We challenge them to playfully create and adopt a critical and curious attitude. Or self confidence.

  • Children have something to look forward to.
    Well before the performance, children will receive admission tickets for themselves and the family. It is a real theatre with a total experience where the red carpet is rolled out.

  • It is special that children go on a real outing.
    Just getting away from their sterile hospital room and not being reminded of being sick and fantasising away pain as much as possible.

  • We are a constant factor.
    We keep regularity and keep appointments. Performances take place on a fixed day, at a fixed time and central location in the hospital.  We also continue this during holidays and public holidays.

  • With our performances, parents and other family members get a moment of relaxation and relief.
    Illness and grief affects every family member. All attention is focused on fighting the illness. Moments of rest are needed to process this and give each the necessary strength.

  • By caring for temporary communities, we overcome loneliness.
    With the performances, we not only contribute care. But also to the coming together of grandparents parents, brothers, sisters and peers. We involve all visitors in the shows to encourage mutual interaction.