About our interactive theatre in academic children's hospitals

The smallest theatre in the Netherlands

Stichting Gilat’s performances are professional, unique, varied and always interactive in nature. Performances can include theatre, dance, music, magic shows and Meet & Greets with both well-known and less well-known Dutchmen.

The performances last forty-five minutes on average and use subjects from ordinary everyday life. Actors trained specifically for this target group support the children in animating their own performance. The children are given every opportunity to actively participate in the performances. Almost every performance involves playing, dancing and singing along. In fact, improvisation is one of the most important aspects of our performances. In almost all our theatre productions, our regular characters ‘Max and Jet’ are present to guide and delight the children in this.

Participation occurs in every way and varies from child to child. Some will come to the fore more quickly than others. What we consider important is that although not every child is always willing or able to participate actively they will not be forgotten. At the end of the performance, we want the children to have taken a break from being sick and be allowed to relax for a short moment.